INFINITI Exclusiviti Program

A program of privilege inspired by your new INFINITI.

Extending your experience beyond the drive, Exclusiviti is a premium owner program available exclusively to INFINITI owners. The program showcases the latest offers from an elite collection from INFINITI partners, which can include personalized luxury travel, accommodations, and tour providers to private designer shopping experiences. Enjoy an array of unique offers as this program continues to grow and INFINITI seeks out new and inspiring luxury partners for the program.


“Each partner has been carefully selected to complement your INFINITI owner experience and make it as rich and rewarding as possible. To take advantage of our partners’ offers, visit the INFINITI Owner Portal and register your new vehicle, if you haven’t already.

Take a moment and view all of our current Exclusiviti partners or the INFINITI lineup. On second thought, while you’re here, why don’t you experience both?”